Nov 28 2016 16:35

Lichfield RUFC is delighted to be able to offer its Members the opportunity to renew their memberships online for the new 2016/17 season; whilst also having the option to pay by Direct Debit for the first time .


Membership prices have been held static for a number of seasons, against rising costs for the club. This season the club has had to take account of its increasing costs and as a result the cost of membership is going up slightly, by on average £10. The season lasts for 37 weeks and despite the increase, this still means membership for a Youth Player and their Parent will cost the equivalent of less than £3 per week.  I hope you will agree that is not bad value for money, especially when the post match hot dogs cost us £1.50!

If Members would like to spread the cost of the membership, thanks to the club's new website, this is possible.  When you go online to renew your membership, please can you take a moment to check you address and contact details and update these, if they are out of date.


Most importantly we need you to login before you renew your membership, as if you just buy your membership via the website, without logging in, we will have 2 of you!  If you look in the footer of your club emails, you will see your individual username and a link to take you through to set a password for yourself.  There is a screenshot guide that you can download at the bottom of this email, or, from 


Memberships reflect the club's financial year so run from May to the end of April. If you choose to pay by Direct Debit, compared to paying your membership all in one go, monthly amounts are rounded up to the nearest whole pound.


The system will work out your initial payment based on the month of May until your first Direct Debit can be collected. You will therefore see roughly half the membership collected as your initial payment. After your initial payment, each month one twelfth of the total amount will be collected by Direct Debit until April 2017.


You can pay for all our memberships online, so even if you want to pay your full membership as one payment, you can do that. There are family memberships, where both parents can join; youth player and one parent options; plus Vice President options for those who would like to join this supporters group.  For those paying for themselves and their son or daughter, you should find when you login that your child is linked to you, so the system knows when you select Youth Player + Parent membership type that it is for both of you.


By renewing your membership online you can avoid filling in forms, or, the usual scrum at the bar waiting for the card machine.


In recent seasons we have created Discount Cards for members. If you charge these up with credit, when you use them to pay for drinks, you benefit from a discount. Hundreds of the Discount Cards never got picked up last season. As a result we will not be issuing new ones this season, unless you are a Vice President, or, you specifically ask for one. If you have a card from last season this will continue to work and will still give you the benefit of a discount for purchases over the bar.

If you have any problems using the new online membership system please email

Click below if you would like to download a PDF of the screens you will go through to buy your membership


If you would prefer to sort your membership using a paper form you can dojwnload our 2016/17 membership form here:  Download

If you are a new player to Lichfield RUFC we will also need you to complete a Registration Form for the RFU purposes.  There is a form for Youth players available at and a form for Adult players available at 

New registration forms should be handed in over the bar in an envelope marked for the attention of Iain Eadie.