Mon 28 Nov 2016 16:35

At the end of last season, Lichfield RUFC was called to a Staffordshire Rugby Union disciplinary hearing to answer for the “poor disciplinary record of the club”. This was prompted by the cumulative total number of red cards received by Lichfield, throughout all of the playing sections, including Junior boys and girls, exceeding 5 for the season.  Lichfield players were shown a red card 8 times during the season, 4 of which were Junior players.  The vast majority of these red cards were for minor infractions, but, nevertheless, resulted in a ban for the players involved.


At the meeting, it was made clear that, although Staffordshire do not consider Lichfield RUFC to have a disciplinary problem, this was an unacceptably high number of red cards in a season. Because of the excellent disciplinary record that the club has had for many years and the nature of most of our infractions, it was felt that an official warning would suffice. However, this was on the understanding that last season’s poor record will remain on file with the RFU and should it ever be repeated the club would be subject to sanctions which can include a fine, or, points deductions for our Men's 1st XV.  


Based on this, the club executive would wish to remind all players and supporters to uphold the core values of the sport and to ensure that our discipline, both on and off the field, is exemplary. The consequences of us failing to do so at any level of the club are potentially grave.  



  • Support positively and applaud good play
  • Respect officials and opposition players, including on social media
  • Remember that children are playing to have fun
  • Behave as good role models on the touchline and as players on the pitch
  • Congratulate the opposition and make their supporters welcome



  • Force a child to play rugby
  • Stray from the touchline onto the pitch
  • Verbally abuse match officials, players or other spectators
  • Threaten, intimidate or use bad language
  • Give offence by way of insult, humiliation or discrimination


On behalf of the club can I therefore implore you to do your utmost to support and uphold our discipline throughout this and coming seasons and in the case of parents to discuss this with your child.