Wed 17 May 2017 10:57

Get involved for the 2017/18 Season


Hi everyone,


We have just about reached the end of another season and once the enjoyment of our successes (and possibly some anguish) has passed, we must now start to think about what we do for next season.


It is now two seasons since myself and most of the current committee took over the reins – something we did largely on the proviso that we extended the committee and the teams that support them - to help spread the workload required to run a club like ours. 


To a certain extent this has worked. There has definitely been a much bigger group of people actively participating in the running of the club and we believe that this has contributed to us being able to generate good progress on many fronts. But you can’t get too much of a good thing, so as we start to plan the structure for the new season, we want to reiterate our initial request for more club members to get involved.  This can either be as a formal member of the executive committee, or as part of the teams that support each of the committee positions.  In whatever way this is, we’re keen to get more involvement from all sections of the club.


Just in case you’re not aware, the committee is made up of the following positions, each of whom has some (but would like more) help from bigger support teams:



Gives direction to the club and makes sure everything is happening as it needs to.  Plays a principal role in representing the club at both home and away games.


Who could help?  Anyone who would be free on Match days to represent the club, or, could oversee specific projects



Honorary Secretary

Prepares meeting Agendas and takes Minutes.  Is the main point of contact for the club and distributes communications from the likes of the RFU, Staffordshire Rugby Union, etc.


Who could help? Anyone who can help forward on emails and post; or prepare minutes of a meeting.



Honorary Treasurer

Oversees the club finances and budgets.  Issues invoices on behalf of the club and pays the bills.  Works with the club’s accountants to produce accounts and financial information.


Who could help? Anyone who can liaise with accountants; make up an invoice, or, chase up monies due into the club. 



Facilities Director

Looks after the club in every aspect from the pitches to the buildings.  Ensures all maintenance and improvements happen.


Who could help? Anyone who can fix a light; sort a leak; paint a wall; cut some grass; or has some time to spare.


Communications Director

Looks after the club’s website; social media; and sends out communications to our members.  Makes sure our membership database is kept up to date.


Who could help? Anyone who can update a database, or, can send an email, or, use social media.



Commercial Director

Responsible for finding and dealing with sponsors for pitch side boards; adverts in the programme; match day; players awards; and playing shirts.


Who could help?  Anyone who has time to talk to people and does not mind asking for money!



Events Director

Organises all the fun at the club such as the Fireworks, Sportsman’s Dinner and Summer Ball; as well as pop up events.


Who could help?  Anyone who wants to have some fun and can help put on an event.





If you would like to be on the club Committee, or if you have an interest in helping one of the people in the roles above, please contact myself on 07764 157889 or Iain Eadie on 07916 139803.  This does not have to be a big commitment; all help would be appreciated.


Thank you to everyone who has demonstrated such tremendous support over the last two years and here’s to even more of the same!


Paul Massey, Chairman


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